The cozy Sheffield restaurant serving a Yorkshire pudding dessert on its menu


Yorkshire puddings are best known for being the star of the show at a traditional Sunday lunch.

Normally they are enjoyed with roast beef, crispy potatoes and hot gravy.

But in a twist that shocked many, some people revealed that they also enjoy baked delicacies as a sweet treat.

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Keen to find out whether Yorkshire puddings are better as part of a traditional savory dish or as a dessert with sweet toppings, Sheffield-based restaurant The Furnace has launched a poll on Twitter and Instagram.

And they found foodies are divided.

While the savory option took the win by a whopping 91%, people declared their love for the sweet Yorkshire pudding.

Some diehard Yorkie fans have even admitted that they often load up the chewy treats with anything from custard and cornflakes to Golden Syrup.

While the news wasn’t welcomed by everyone, one commenter commented, “Get out of the caramel sauce…it’s sacrilege!” the results revealed that there is more than one way to enjoy the delicacy of Yorkshire.

In an admirable spirit, a foodie also wondered why it was necessary to choose, suggesting “salty in dish, sweet in dessert”.

The restaurant responded to the survey by revealing two special dishes that will take place exclusively on Yorkshire Pudding Day on Sunday February 6.

The savory option will allow customers to feast on a Yorkshire pudding served in the traditional way, alongside roast sirloin of beef and Henderson gravy accompanied by roast potatoes, glazed carrots and Tenderstem broccoli .

For dessert, those with a sweet tooth can opt for a twist on the classic baked side dish with S’mores Yorkshire pudding filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate peanut sauce, toasted marshmallows and Biscoff breadcrumbs.

Head chef Guy Greaves, who invented two dishes, said: “A lot of people have fond memories going back to their childhood eating Yorkshire puddings as a treat with their grandparents.

“It’s been a rough few years for everyone, so it’s good to lean into the nostalgia, maybe thinking about simpler times spent with loved ones. It’s amazing how certain tastes can bring back vivid memories and Yorkshire puddings are the epitome of comfort food.

The specials are offered during the lunch and dinner sessions and are priced at £15.95 for the savory main and £5.25 for the sweet dessert.

For lovers of all things Yorkshire, The Furnace offers a Yorkshire pudding dessert as a permanent part of its menu, topped with liquorice sauce and Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts, which were founded in Sheffield.

Yorkshire Pudding Day has been celebrated in the UK on the first Sunday in February since 2007.

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