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Tasty food and guilt-free eating

Launching its selection of healthy foods ‘off the shelf’, Kemara Life recently hosted a food tasting to showcase its new menu and new line of healthy foods that will change your perspective on guilt-free eating while enjoying the food you eat.

The launch event

The Kemara menu included everything from waffles, tacos and veggie chips to dips, nut butters, vegan dressings, jams and even a few of those things we often rule out when it comes to healthy eating, including cookies and desserts.

The new line has focused on the types of foods we love, as you can tell from the long list of comfort foods. However, the foods were designed to be healthy, using incredibly vibrant ingredients. Allowing customers to drop by at any time and stock up on healthy snacks, treats and bites, the menu is readily available to Kemara customers.

In keeping with the Kemara Cuisine brand philosophy, Kemara Life CEO Kishani Gunawardena assures you that the items are all free of gluten, grains, dairy and processed sugars, which also makes them a perfect choice for people with dietary restrictions and those looking to lose weight and curb cravings.

Sharing her journey with Keara Life, Gunawardena also said, “Kemara Cuisine was a journey I took many years ago, driven by the challenges many of my clients faced, not just in terms of weight loss. , but more importantly, problems with their gut. health, food intolerances, autoimmune issues, diabetes, allergies and more that have caused them to struggle with their food on a daily basis.

Savory breads and fruit

It can be noted that the menu spans the company’s popular healthy food menu which offers a wide range of meal, dessert and treat choices. These options are all available for pre-order, all created on the principles of the Paleo Diet which makes them gluten, grain, dairy and sugar free.

As this is the common thread of the natural food line at Kemara Life, the key to their success is taste. It’s an exploration of the best way to make your favorite foods healthy and delicious. If you never thought that a chocolate lava cake or a spicy kottu could be healthy and taste as good as the original, Kemara rose to the challenge and they guarantee you’ll be amazed at how you certainly don’t have to compromise on taste while respecting your health journey.

Vegetable chips

Commenting on the menu and its progress, Gunawardena added, “Developing this menu took a lot of work, learning and trial and error, but the end results were really worth it as we see the difference it made for our customers. Sweets that a diabetic can enjoy worry-free, breads that people with gluten intolerance can indulge in – that’s why we embarked on this journey, the goal of making you fall in love with it again. food for people in difficulty.

Gunawardena said the “Off-The-Shelf” line is another step towards ensuring people have access to healthy food options and the ability to make better choices without compromising on taste, feeling deprived and free. the hassle of food preparation. .

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