The new at-home summer menu is all you need to beat the Delhi heat


The word “summer” reminds everyone of certain flavors like the tanginess of raw mangoes, warty and sweet melons, nimbu paani, of course, etc. As the scorching heat weighs on our energy levels, refreshing foods and drinks come to our rescue.

Summer also means a break from heavy meals and fatty foods.

So Home, PVR’s luxury lounge at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj in Delhi, has launched a summer menu that has exactly what you need to weather the Delhi heat.

Dining area at home. Photo: Home Delhi

The summer menu offers refreshing delicacies based on farm-fresh and organic ingredients, perfectly combined with Indian flavors.

Let us also tell you what to eat and drink when you visit these people.

what to eat

Conceptualized by a team of three culinary maestros, Chef Mayank Tiwari, Chef Harpal Singh and Chef Yutaka Saito, HOME’s comprehensive summer menu is a delight not to be missed.

To start, we tried their avocado and green mango tartare topped with a green mango sorbet. It’s the refreshing treat you need before diving into the main course.

lawyerfinal-647_050922120801.jpgAvocado and green mango tartare

The raw mango sorbet with a creamy avocado base, topped with some freshly chopped vegetables; this tartare is a must.

Next is their Plantain Shami Kebab Taco. The tamarind sauce at the base of the taco and the freshly chopped raw mangoes are both a welcome burst of spice.

taco-house-647_050922120604.jpgPlantain Shami Kebab Taco

Among the starters, we also tried and loved the truffled mushroom pâté with a parmesan cheeseling and a homemade apricot pickle.

Stop drooling and watch the main course.

As a main course, the summer menu offers many delicacies. We tried the Safran and the Lotus Mantis and it was delicious. The tomato butter base is the star of the dish.

maincourse-647_050922120630.jpgSaffron and Lotus Mantis

Here are the other main course options:

home-menu-647_050922122242.jpgMain course menu at home

Make room for dessert!

If you like the intense, dark taste of chocolate, the summer menu offers a perfect dessert to satisfy those cravings, with a combination of dark chocolate, hazelnut and dates.

dessert-647_050922120850.jpgDark chocolate, hazelnut and dates

The menu also features an Apple Bebinca with Coconut Almond Gelato.

applebibinca-647_050922120913.jpgApple Bebinca

The drinks menu at the house is also to be written on the house. We tried the ‘Not That Colada’. It will remind you of the Colada you might have had on your last trip to Goa, but it’s “Not That Colada”. It’s a pristine Colada that comes with a most memorable taste.

homebar-647_050922121025.jpgThe home bar, PVR, Vasant Kunj

Bonus Points:

homevasantbook-647_050922121135.jpgHome interiors, Vasant Kunj. Photo: Home Delhi

The home setting and seating, with shelving and the cozy dining area, will give you the most Instagrammable photos.

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