The Oberoi, Bengaluru rolls out Lunch Bunch, a set menu for people on the go


A dish from the menu

Offices are open and most people are back at their desks. Lunchtime now resembles that of pre-pandemic days with colleagues going out together for a quick meal. With this crowd in mind, The Oberoi has developed Lunch Bunch, a menu featuring dishes from Rim Nam and Wabi Sabi.

The menu, available on weekdays, is an interesting mix of starters, main courses and desserts. We headed to Rim Nam to sample a few dishes on a weekday. We started with Tom Yum soup. The balanced flavors of lemongrass and bird’s eye chili made this traditional Thai soup a hit. From the small plate section, two dishes that really impressed us were the Tod Mun Kao Pod and the Seua Rong Hai. The former are Thai-style corn and almond cakes served with steamed baos and a chilli-plum sauce. The peanut and almond coating made the savory cakes crispy and they were perfect with the chewy baos. The different textures and blend of flavors made this dish stand out from the rest. Seua Rong Hai, grilled filet mignon with asparagus and naam jim jaew sauce, was another favorite. Grilled to perfection, the tenderloin was juicy and paired well with the asparagus. We sampled Som Tam salad between courses. The mixture of green papaya, peanuts, tomatoes, palm sugar and fresh lime acted as a palate cleanser.

For the main course, we were presented with Kaeng Keow Waan and Pad Thai. The Kaeng Kow Waan or Thai green curry was served with fragrant and fluffy jasmine rice. We enjoyed the familiar flavors of lemongrass and coconut milk. The quintessential Pad Thai, flat rice noodles cooked with tamarind, bean sprouts and peanuts, was delicious as expected. The dessert section has many options such as Tab Tim Krob, Kloy T hod, Coconut Influence and Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse. We opted for the Rim Naam Mandarin, a signature dessert from their menu. The dessert looked like a real orange, but when sliced ​​we found it was filled with a decadent 70% dark chocolate mousse. This dessert is definitely one that you simply cannot miss. With its well-organized menu, Lunch Bunch is a good option for diners looking for a quick but delicious meal.

Rs 1,999++ per person. Weekdays only. At MG Road

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