The owner of Chaat Wala on his Asian street food business in Bradford

The 22-year-old entrepreneur behind a ‘create your own’ South Asian street food restaurant has sent an inspiring message to Bradford’s younger generation.

He is now the proud owner of Chaat Wala on Manchester Road, serving different types of Chaat and South Asian street food.

The menu features savory delights like samosas, kebabs, and gol gappa, also known as panipuri, as well as popular desserts and drinks like mango lassi.

Talhah shared her journey in hopes of encouraging teenagers in Britain’s youngest city to “never give up” on their vision.

Talhah Rana, the 22-year-old entrepreneur behind Chaat Wala on Manchester RoadFood from Chaat Wala on Manchester Road

Talhah told the Telegraph & Argus: “Both my parents have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I believe the effort and drive to start a business came from them.

“During lockdown, I started Chaat Wala from home, advertising different chaats on social media and the response was epic.

“I started delivering to cities and within 10 months of starting we were delivering to 15 towns and cities across the UK.

“I then started actively looking for a store and I never thought the response would have been so good.

“At the time, I was studying mechanical engineering at the University of Leeds. It was difficult to balance, but with the help of my parents, we were able to deliver each week with many orders on hand.

Talhah Rana, the 22-year-old entrepreneur behind Chaat Wala on Manchester RoadTalhah Rana behind Chaat Wala on Manchester Road

“It’s nice to see other ethnicities trying the food and coming back. We get customers from all over the UK who come to try our chat. Many customers come back for their weekly chat fix.”

The street food restaurant now offers seating for 30 while Talhal has successfully expanded into the wedding industry.

It has been an uninterrupted learning journey for Talhah, leading to her next mission to create a network for young business owners in the Bradford district.

Chaat Wala marks her second journey into the business world, after finishing her first venture in the garment industry.

Talhah is set to study for a bachelor’s degree in economics and business at the Open University in February.

Talhah Rana, the 22-year-old entrepreneur behind Chaat Wala on Manchester RoadInside Chaat Wala on Manchester Road

“When Covid hit I knew it wasn’t the end,” he said.

“I want to create opportunities for young people who want to start their own business.

“My doors are open to those who find it difficult to take the first step. Sometimes talking to someone who’s been through it can be the motivation needed.”

In a message to Bradford’s younger generation, he said: “If you have a vision, don’t let anyone hold you back. It’s going to be hard and in business, it’s never a straight path.

“Once you start seeing results, you’ll understand that it’s all worth it in the end. Never give up and connect with as many people in the field as possible.”

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