The San Marcos family’s ice cream business is a success

When Sarah Wynn gave her husband, Chris, an ice cream maker for Christmas several years ago, it was a fun nod to their lifelong love of the frozen dessert. She didn’t know where this would lead.

Fast forward to today and the Wynns have their own business – The Wynston Ice Cream Company. – as well as a flagship store in San Marcos and a prestigious national award.

Making ice cream was initially a fun hobby for the Wynns, who began sharing their concoctions with friends and neighbors during the pandemic. The sweet treats generated so much excitement that they inspired the couple to launch their own brand, formerly Wynn’s Ice Cream Co. (They changed it to Wynston’s for copyright reasons.)

Admittedly, the family has always had a soft spot for ice cream, visiting unique shops around the world when life or family travels took them to new places. But starting their own ice cream business was a whole new adventure.

“We didn’t realize it was something we could do as a company until we started having fun with it,” Sarah said. “We wanted to continue to share the joy it brought to people.”

Their ice cream business was established in 2019 at the Union Cowork offices in North City near Cal State San Marcos. Eventually, the family opened their own store nearby.

Since then, their ice cream has taken the community by storm with its variety of classic, unique, and vegan flavors, including lemongrass coconut and a midnight snack mix with pretzels and chips. Wynston’s classic chocolate ice cream has been rated one of the four best chocolate ice creams in America by the North American Ice Cream Association.

The family moved to San Marcos seven years ago and immediately felt at home, Sarah said. She said Wynston was planning fundraisers with local schools to thank the community for their support.


Roxana Becceril is a freelance writer.

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