The town of Bismarck is about to enter the cremation area.

Bismarck’s Fairview Cemetery was established in the 1880s and it took 140 years for the place to get a new dish. What is a dish? I don’t know … but these people did.

Platting is the way the property is divided, by plotting on paper or mapping each piece of land. A registered plaque indicates lots, construction lines, easements and rights-of-way, flood zones, boundary monuments and other permanent attachments to the land.

He has all the charms of understanding what a mill fee is. Basically, plating can restore use for a certain area. This was first brought to my attention in a request from the Bismarck Community Development Department

Fairview Cemetery, Vertin and Town of Bismarck are seeking approval of a zoning change from Zoning Districts A – Agricultural and MA – Industrial to Zoning Districts P – Public, RT – Residential and MA – Industrial and a plaque major subdivision finale for Fairview Addition of the cemetery. This action would have the effect of developing the cemetery, replacing adjacent land owned by the City to improve access to this area and creating two new lots on the cemetery property for the construction of new uses related to the cemetery.

“New related uses” you will say to me. Its land use is currently referred to simply as a cemetery. These changes are not some sneaky city plan. In May 2021, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the flat proposal. Letters were sent to area owners and notices were posted in the Tribune.

Obviously I’m getting to the point where the new uses would be a crematorium and a morgue … but another golf course?

Adjacent uses include a golf course to the west, single and multi-family residences to the north across East Century Avenue, industrial and rural residences to the east, and undeveloped land A – zoned agricultural South.

Okay, so it was this adjacent use statement from the September 8 application that was present at a fall meeting of the city commissioners council.

KFYR-TV reports that the Bismarck Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a special use permit for a crematorium that will be completed within two years.

Now about this golf course …

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