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The holidays are officially here, and we could all benefit from spreading the joy after these two tumultuous years. And what better way to do that than all the vegan goodies? Whether it’s delicious hot sauces, a delivery of chocolate truffles, or a faux fur dog coat for your pet, the editors of VegNews have been tasked with finding 10 vegan products they would offer this year. The result? An infinity of gift ideas for you!

Day 1: seasonings, sauces and more

If there’s one tip I always give my friends, it’s to stock up on seasonings. And don’t stop there: vinegars, hot sauces, powders, pastas, crispy and crispy little things, sprinkled with this and that, anything that can brighten up your food, always have it on hand.
—Richard Bowie, Editor-in-Chief of VegNews

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Day 2: Cakes, Biscuits & Ice Creams… Delivered!

“With innovation and a good amount of dry ice, we can ship the impossible: ice cream, deep pizza, vegan sashimi, and even full-size, fully-built cakes. And I want everything.
—Tanya Flink, VegNews Digital Editor

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Day 3: It’s time to love our dogs

“Don’t tell the Littles, but this Christmas their specially made doggie gifts were designed not only to meet their basic needs, but the businesses I frequented reflect the things I stand for most passionately: the compassion, ethical entrepreneurship and herbal products. food.”
—VegNews Editor-in-chief Jasmin Singer

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Day 4: Christmas stocking belonging to women

“So this year, as I finish my search for the perfect stocking stuffers, I pay tribute to my mom, sisters and all the women who inspire me by buying and supporting women-owned businesses. It’s a little thing that doubles the feeling of well-being of gifts.
– Jocelyn Martinez, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of VegNews


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