These chocolate cocktail recipes are perfect for a house party

What could be better than a glass of cocktail or a bowl of chocolate dessert? A dessert cocktail! Combining sweet treats with drinks is not a new idea and has been well-tested by many mixologists and chefs as well. After all, it’s hard to resist the sweet taste of a delicious chocolate cocktail. But how well it’s done is the debate. From boozy milkshakes to sweet martinis, many drinks contain chocolate flavored alcohol. Many of them use creme de cacao as it was the original chocolate flavored liquor in bars. Creme de cacao is a type of chocolate liqueur containing around 25% alcohol by volume and flavored with cocoa beans. It comes in white and dark varieties that taste the same but profoundly affect the color of a cocktail. These days, you’ll even find a few chocolate vodka recipes. The end result, however, is a tempting and balanced set of ingredients that’s just perfect for a dessert whenever you want to indulge in a decadent drink.

But it’s time to switch from chocolate liqueur or vodka, because we bring you recipes for chocolate cocktails with whiskey, straight from the bar in Glenfiddich. These cocktails are decadent, alcoholic yet balanced, and have a delicious set of ingredients such as cream, espresso, caramel syrup, chocolate sauce and more.

1. Speyside Tiramisu

The fruity notes of whiskey, combined with the aromas of coffee, end in a festive cocktail, with oils of orange, a touch of cinnamon spice and the sweetness of caramel/honey.


60 ml 12 year old whiskey

15ml chocolate sauce

15 ml liquid cream

15ml Espresso shot

10 ml caramel/honey/maple syrup

Orange zest/ cinnamon


. In a shaker glass filled with ice, pour all the above ingredients and shake well

. Strain and serve straight in a coupe/martini/margarita glass

. Garnish with orange peel/cinnamon and your Speyside tiramisu is ready to serve

Image: Glenfidditch



Fresh cream

Drambuie Liqueur

12 year old whiskey

shot of espresso

Sugar / Honey

Chocolate Stick/Crisp (Topping)

Chocolate sauce and cookies (border)


For the Drambuie Cream:

. Whisk 30ml Drambuie and crème fraîche together and set aside

. Now for the cocktail, take a glass and top the rim with chocolate sauce and crushed cookies

. Add 60 ml of whiskey, sugar and espresso shot to the glass and mix well

. Add the Drambuie cream on top for the float

. Garnish the cocktail with chocolate sticks and enjoy

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