Tom & Nori has a new menu with dishes like turnip cake, crab macaroni and aromatic Beijing chic

When Tom & Nori opened, it became famous as one of the city’s first Asian American bistros. Their taco and hot dog menu instantly became a rage. So when they launched their menu with more classic dishes American dishes, we had to try. We headed to the bistro for a weekend lunch and it was packed with people. We found ourselves a corner table and placed our order. Here’s what to expect…

The first was the turnip cake with golden garlic. The cake was made with grated and roasted root vegetables. It was tasty and topped with golden garlic pieces, the cakes are so crispy the only thing you can hear when you take a bite of it is the cracking. A must try if you ask us. From the appetizer menu we also had the almond prawns, the filo-wrapped shrimpserved in a shot glass, dipped in a spicy sauce was a mouth-watering combination.

turnip cake

For the main course we were spoiled for choice as the menu has everything from one pot meals to burgers to pasta bowls. But, we were tempted to try their aromatic Beijing chicken. A DIY dish, this one came with three different bowls – shredded crispy chicken, Pekinese sauce and greens, and savory pancakes. The chef showed us how to put it together and we followed it by layering the pancakes with chicken, then with the sauce, and finally topping with vegetables. With a mix of sweet, spicy, and a hint of umami flavor, the sauce really lifted the dish.

Pekingese Aromatic Chicken

After the Mac-‘n’-Cheese section, we were spoiled for choice between the Buffalo Chicken or Creamy Crab variants, and ultimately settled on the latter. The gooey cheese paired with succulent meat had mild flavors and is perfect for those who love seafood. For those not keen on experimenting a lot, we suggest you don’t miss the White Pizza. The wood fire pizza was topped with assorted mushrooms, grilled onions, burrata, truffle oil and arugula leaves.

white pizza

We weren’t in the mood for a series of desserts. Instead, we chose the Barrymore ice cream soda. Made with ice cream and topped with Kit Kat chocolate, the soft drink was a great way to end the meal.

Rs 1200 for two. At Jubilee Hills.

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