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An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an English proverb. I don’t think they had those recipes in mind. Apples are a great ingredient for sweet applications. Although apples are available year-round, fall is peak apple season. So what to do with apples?

Today I am sharing two very different apple recipes. The first, Southern Baked Apple with Double Cream, was an often-ordered first course for breakfast or brunch. The second, Skillet Apple Pie, is a complete dessert. Both of these recipes showcase the versatility of the apple. Go to the farmer’s market, collect your apples and let’s go to the kitchen!

Southern baked apple with double cream

Pan-fried apple pie

Tommy Centola, the Cajun Creole chef, is a New Orleans native who moved to Searcy after Hurricane Katrina and published his second cookbook, “Creole and Cajun Comfort Food.” More information is available on its website and on Facebook @creolecajunchef.

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