Traverse City Marketing Students Make Career Advances in Business Class

Traverse City Central High School marketing students have a career edge.

Local businesses have partnered with the students to help them start their businesses from scratch. Their business is called “Twin Bay Coffee and Cocoa

“I tell my students that we all need to learn to love the product because it’s what we sell,” said Ms. Harvey, a teacher at Traverse City Central High. “They all have. They jumped on board and they did a great job.

Each year, students in Ms. Harvey’s “How to Start a Business Class” course have the opportunity to do so.

This course allows students to learn to talk to adults via SMS, email, in person … it gives them confidence to learn how to sell something and just have that conversation with someone they might not be. comfortable doing it differently, ”said Harvey.

This year the class is in partnership with Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company, Great Lakes Chocolate and Dessert Co. and M22.

“It was a ton of fun,” said Drew Humphrey, a student in the class. ” We have had to do all the different stages of raising money and capital, starting our business, figuring out what our product will be, how we’re going to sell it, where we’re going to get it. A lot has happened and I have really learned what is really going on in starting a business, which has been a lot of fun and very interesting.

The class also donates a percentage of sales to charity. This year, the students chose the Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay. They said the class taught them how to organize themselves, multitask and overcome the challenges of starting a new business.

“I thought about business, but it made me want to think about it even more now that I took this course because I really enjoyed it, so it was really cool,” Humphrey said.

You can purchase Twin Bay Coffee and Cocoa products until December 6. We have a link with the company website.

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