Tried the new Costa X Marks and Spencer menu and one item made me squirm – Emily Sleight


The new Costa X Marks and Spencer menu launched today, March 3, which features a range of different sandwiches and treats.

In addition to this, coffee lovers can also try the new “hot cross bun” coffees and hot chocolates as part of their spring menu.

Lattes and cappuccinos start from £3.50 for a small and £3.80 for a medium, with hot bread hot chocolate costing £3.60 or £3.90 for a large.

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For reference, the hot and cold menu includes:

  • M&S BLT Sandwich

  • M&S Farmhouse Egg and Watercress Sandwich (vegetarian)

  • M&S New York Deli Pastrami Sandwich

  • Sandwich with smoked ham and M&S mustard mayonnaise

  • M&S Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese Plowman’s Sandwich (Vegetarian)

  • M&S Tuna and Corn Sandwich

  • M&S Shrimp Mayonnaise Sandwich

  • Roasted Chicken Sandwich with M&S Stuffing

  • Wheat Free M&S Chicken & Bacon Sandwich (Gluten Free)

  • Selection of classic M&S sandwiches

  • M&S Plant Kitchen Hoisin No Duck Wrap (vegan)

  • M&S Tomato & Basil Soup (Vegan)

  • M&S Chicken, Tomato & Basil Pasta Salad

  • M&S Slow Roasted Tomato and Feta Cheese Pasta Salad (vegetarian)

  • M&S Plant Kitchen Nutty Super Wholefood Salad (vegan)

  • M&S Rich Beef Stew

  • M&S Our Best Sausage Roll

  • M&S jumbo prawns with a creamy cocktail sauce

As for delicacies, the collab offers:

I decided to try the M&S Free Range Egg & Watercress Sandwich (vegetarian), a hot cross bun latte, the “best pork sausage roll ever” and the new Costa Molasses Pie (which doesn’t make not part of the range.)

The sandwich

As for the sandwiches, the egg and watercress were pretty good.

You could definitely tell it was a sandwich with high quality ingredients, which didn’t have that ‘packet sandwich’ vibe.

The egg sandwich was quite tasty

To be honest, I wasn’t completely blown away by this sandwich, but maybe that’s because I opted for something simple like the egg and mayonnaise.

The sandwich featured a thick egg and mayo topped with fresh watercress, and the seed bread gave it a nice crunch.

You can definitely tell the sandwich is a good quality sandwich, but that certainly didn’t blow my mind.

Rating: 4/5
Price: £2.50

The sausage roll

I thought I’d try the “best sausage roll ever” from the M&S Costa collaboration, and it’s safe to say it was damn good.

It wasn’t your standard supermarket sausage roll, it was top quality, with buttery batter and perfectly seasoned sausage.

It was absolutely massive in size which meant it was dry in some parts, but overall I was very impressed with the sausage roll.

It would be a great snack to have with your coffee if you were in a rush, considering it’s so huge.

Rating: 5/5
Price: £2.50


Flavored hot cross bun? Certainly not. This coffee had an irresistible taste of raisins and nothing else.

Now, I know raisins are a feature of a hot bun, but I didn’t expect it to be so overwhelming.

I had very high hopes for the hot bread flavored coffee given that I love them, but I was disgusted with the coffee.

The first sip was a little shocking, to the point of making me squirm, but I admit it got slightly better after a few sips.

I may be picky, but I would have preferred a cinnamon spice flavor if I’m being totally honest.

Rating: 2.5/5

Price: £3.50

The verdict

Overall I would say I was moderately impressed with the food, but not that impressed with the coffee.

The sandwich was a nice stuffed sandwich with good ingredients, with a delicious sausage roll to match.

But the coffee really let me down on this one, which is why I’ll give the Costa X M&S range a 3/5.

Run, don’t walk to Costa for their M&S sausage rolls, but maybe not the hot crossbread coffee in my opinion!

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