Trip Report: SriLankan Airlines Business Class

After five days in Thailand (I flew from Singapore Airlines to Thailand), I traveled on SriLankan Airlines from Bangkok via Colombo to Dubai. This is a travel report on my last flight experience with SriLankan Airlines.

At Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, many shops and lounges are currently closed as well as many parked planes and overall the airport was very quiet.

Miracle Lounge, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

SriLankan Airlines Business Class passengers can use the Miracle Lounge before their flight. The lounge was quiet and there was a decent amount of food and drink, but I didn’t eat as I had some room in my stomach for food from the SriLankan Airlines fights.

The whole of Pier E appears to be dead and no theft was taking place.

Bangkok to Colombo

The flight to Colombo from Bangkok is operated by an A321. The flight time was three hours. SriLankan Airlines currently operates only two flights per week to Bangkok due to a shortage of planes.

I received a warm Sri Lankan “Ayubowen” welcome when I boarded the flight.

In business class, there are 16 reclining seats. But I have to say the incline is quite deep and the legroom seems to be around 50 inches which is totally okay. The padding in my seat was almost gone, making me feel the “bone” of the seat under the cover.

I chose a seat in the last row of four so I could lie down without interrupting anyone.

With more and more airlines now switching seats to flat planes on narrow body planes, I hope SriLankan Airlines will catch up with the latest product as well.

There were no sanitary kits such as wipes or disinfectants available on board.

A full lunch was served with only two choices, chicken biryani or a vegetarian option. No menu was presented.

Business class lunch on a platter: Chicken Biryani
Business class lunch on a platter: Chicken Biryani
In economy class, a full lunch platter is served with a choice of chicken curry or vegetarian.
In economy class, a full lunch platter is served with a choice of chicken curry or vegetarian.

The flight proceeded without incident to Colombo. We landed on time with thunderstorm clouds building up to about 20,000 feet. See the landing on my video below.


Serendib Lounge, Colombo

I transited through Colombo and used SriLankan Airlines’ Serendib lounge. There is a fair amount of food but the living room is very dated. It needs an upgrade because it hasn’t changed in 10 years.

The Ayurvedic spa is currently closed in the salon.

Serendib Lounge Rest Area, Sri Lankan Airlines
Serendib Lounge Rest Area, SriLankan Airlines

Colombo to Dubai

The next flight to Dubai was on SriLankan Airlines’ brand new A330-300 with individual business class seats.

Ayubowen, warm welcome aboard Sri Lankan Airlines
Ayubowan, warm welcome aboard SriLankan Airlines
Sri Lankan Airlines business class seats 6A
SriLankan Airlines business class seats 6A

The flight was quite full, as many passengers were returning after a long weekend in the UAE. There is a simple menu on this flight.

The food was fairly simple. The salad and dessert did not look like business class quality. The barramundi fish came with a strong “fishy” taste.

After dinner I ordered a cup of Ceylon tea, which is a signature on Sri Lankan Airlines.
After dinner I ordered a cup of Ceylon tea, which is a signature on SriLankan Airlines.

SriLankan Airlines offers Wi-Fi on its A330-300 aircraft, but the price is very steep and comes with restrictions on download limits.

Watch the footage of the Dubai landing on my video. We arrived on time.


My verdict

My experience with SriLankan Airlines was rather average on these two flights. Here are some pros and cons.


  • Reasonable fare in premium class, you can earn good OneWorld status credit by flying on SriLankan Airlines
  • Staff are generally friendly
  • Upgrade offer presents a good upgrade opportunity for less

The inconvenients:

  • No disinfectant or wipes offered on my flights. The food is pretty simple. No menu on some flights
  • The living room is quite dated in Colombo, it has not changed for 10 years since my visit in 2011
  • Beware of old A330-200 products. There are inconsistencies on the seat product

Back in 2011 I flew on SriLankan Airlines A340-300, they offered a 10 choice buffet as an in-flight meal!

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