Twitter reacts strongly to Tim Hortons India’s first-ever menu items

Tim Hortons India is officially launched.

The iconic Canadian chain is increasingly known around the world for its signature coffee, signature drinks, delicious food and unique specialties at each location.

Now it is also known for its international outposts offering amazing sounding dishes that we wish we could get in Canada.

India is no different, introducing several new menu options we haven’t seen before, like Chole Kulcha Flatbread, Makhani Ravioli Chicken Pasta, and Paneer Tikka Wraps.

The Chilli Cheese Toast, Chicken Tikka Croissant Sandwich and Lamb Kebab Wrap are just three other tasty items we would really like to have here in Canada.

Twitter reactions to unique-sounding food products inspired by Indian cuisine have sparked strong opinions.

These are just some of the best reactions, responses, and tweets that have resulted from people seeing all of the new food options.

“Have you seen the Tim Hortons menu in India?one user tweeted. “It’s much better than ours.

“ok but when will tim hortons indian menu come to canada wtf,tweeted another.

“I just saw Tim Hortons Indian menu, please no one contact me for a few days“, posted a Twitter user @plutoocean.

“Tim Hortons in India has Chole Kulche on its menu,” wrote Samir S.

“If it ends up tasting better than Canadian Tim Hortons, I’m going to move there permanently.“, posted another.

If you offer delicious stuff like Paneer Tikka Wraps, Chilli Cheese Toast, Chicken Tikka Croissant Sandwich and Lamb Kebab Wraps in Indiaalso offer them in Canada!pleaded another userrequesting many featured items.

“Tim Hortons has expanded to India and has Makhani Mushroom Ravioli Pasta, Lamb Kebab Wrap and Chicken Tikka Croissant Sandwiches on the menu!?!” job @warda_bee. “And we’re still stuck with the same three dry sandwiches??? And for dessert Chocolate truffle cake??”

For many people, it wasn’t just how beautiful these Indian items looked, but how poor the Canadian choices seemed in comparison.

“I can’t believe Tim Hortons is going to serve kadak ginger chai in India, but loyal customers in Canada have to make do with horrible tea to dip.” @Stellla_Artois tweeted.

the best thing about Tim Horton opening in India is all vegetarian options“, posted another.

Customers in India can also get many staples like the Iced Capp blended iced coffee drink and the delicious bite-size Timbits.

We hope to see some of the Indian food items arrive here so we can try them.

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