Umaluma’s vegan ice cream shop closes by January 31


The dairy-free scoop shop and pint brand couldn’t find new owners, so they’re saying goodbye.

A beloved plant-based gelato scoop store and pint brand announced their closure at the end of January after they were unable to find a new owner.

Umalumawhich opened in the summer of 2017 at 235 East Pender Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown, initially announced Nov. 25 that it was “closing” the business until Dec. 31.

“We’ve been through some really tough times over the past two years, but we’ve managed to stand out as one of the best ice cream shops in town,” the candy shop owners said at the time.

After extending the deadline to the first month of 2022, Umaluma now confirms that this is the end of the mark.

“This is our last week of operations as we know it,” revealed a January 23 post on Umaluma’s social media. “Thank you dear wholesale and retail customers for your business and loving support. We have truly enjoyed serving you and delighting many of you with our delicious plant-based ice cream.”

The ice cream parlor was a big hit from the start with its totally dairy-free frozen dessert cones and cups with a smooth, velvety texture and exciting flavor combinations like salted caramel sea foam, malbec strawberry or avocado honey. Umaluma makes their own nut milks to go a step further, although they also make sorbettos.

Umaluma Dairy Free Gelato by the Pint. File photo / via Umaluma

Soon after, the company began offering flavors from its pint line in the store and at stores like Whole Foods, all in their colorful packaging with eye-catching graphics and the name they say no one wants. say anything, it “just sounds nice.”

Umaluma had high hopes of being able to sell the business as is to new operators, stating that “the business has so much potential – it just needs new blood to take it forward.”

However, no new blood has surfaced, and now comes the sad business of saying goodbye.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll see you again in another form,” Umaluma suggests.

The dairy-free ice cream shop says there are “lots of ice cream left for sale”, urging customers to check out the flavors online and pre-order and pre-pay for in-store pickup, or head straight to the scoop shop at Chinatown to Make a purchase. Vendors like Whole Foods, Greens, Apple and others will have Umaluma products while supplies last.

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