Unique ideas to make your Diwali office party a success!


There are very few occasions, festivals, or topics that appeal to all of your employees. Diwali is one of those festivals that every employee looks forward to! Whether it is the bonus, traditional disguises, diyas and candle art, Rangoli making, candy buffet or high energy activities – the positive vibes of Diwali celebration can make a difference. smile everyone.

How about making this Diwali celebration interesting? Follow these simple and easy ways to make your office Diwali party a fun celebration:

Organize fun contests

what could be more fun than an exciting contest on Diwali

You can organize a session related to fortune cookies for all employees. If it’s not fortune cookies, use pistachio. Make it even more fun by giving them a task to do like talking about their favorite coworker. Host a quiz on Diwali. There can be thali decorations, Diya making, rangoli competitions, and berry decorations as well. Lantern making can also be fun.

Find volunteers for office decoration

Decorate your office spaces together

Office decorating with the whole team can be a unique way to bring everyone together. Flowers and organic colors and other traditionally printed handicrafts and clothing can be used for decoration. Lights and candles can be lit to engage in the festive mood. Decorating is an activity that requires a lot of people. This therefore strengthens coordination within the team.

Diwali Puja in the office

Feel the festivities through prayer together

A little Diwali Puja / Pooja in the center would definitely energize you in the midst of boring work during Diwali days. Celebrate the six-day festivities by following the appropriate traditional rituals with total devotion and euphoria to ward off homesickness.

Diwali office corner decoration contest

diwali desk bay decoration

Diwali office bay decor themes are all the rage today throughout Diwali and everyone wants their bay to be more attractive than their next sitting colleagues. They hit hard and work a lot, decorating their respective corners in the hottest styles. Employees can even reserve a spot in the corner of their desk and create a themed Rangoli.

Perfect Potluck Party for Lunch

A sumptuous lucky jar may be the best idea

Throw a holly jolly food party or potluck together for the perfect party. Throw a small lunchtime snack party by keeping it simple and having everyone bring homemade food to work with them. Relaxing with hand-cooked meals in the office cafeteria would certainly be a hit.

Exchange gifts and show gratitude

Give yourself nice gifts to your coworkers

Diwali is all about food, crackers, and exchanging gifts with loved ones. So why not make your colleagues, colleagues and managers happy by giving them gifts on this auspicious occasion in the office? It is a chance to make this Diwali wonderful and memorable for everyone through gratitude and gestures.

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