Vegan Vogue opens in Bengaluru with menu spanning Mexican, Italian and Rwandan cuisines

Matcha Cream Chocolate at Vegan Vogue

Plant-based food seems to be the flavor of the day in Benga-luru. This week, Vegan Vogue, a new restaurant joins the many others experimenting with cooking. However, owner Abdul Azeez takes a different approach. While the movement is often synonymous with healthy or mindful eating, Vegan Vogue is right here to make vegan food fun and accessible to everyone. The restaurant offers dishes from all over the world, from Italy to Mexico, Rwanda and Indonesia.

Smell the beet
Vegan Vogue is located on an 80 foot road in Indiranagar. When we visited him, we chose to sit in the
outdoor area of ​​the cafe. Sipping on the traditional Eastern European fermented drink, Kvass beet, we took in the view of the busy street. The hot and sour drink was refreshing and a great alternative for those who want to stay away from sugary drinks. The meal started with a garlic and smoked cauliflower soup. The comforting soup had a velvety texture and was topped with
crispy chickpeas. We found it to be just for the gloomy weather.

A selection of starters were then served to us – Beetroot and cashew croquettes, courgette fritters and mushrooms stuffed with braised bok choy. Our choice was definitely the mushroom appetizer, which was drizzled with Indonesian Kecap Manis sauce which gave it a sweet and smoky touch.

Peanut power
One dish that caught our attention that we had never eaten before was Agatogo, a traditional Rwandan recipe. Seared plantains, pumpkin, and kale are mixed with a tangy peanut-based sauce and served with rice. Agatogo is a must-try, especially if you like the flavor of peanuts.

Vegan Vogue also makes all of its noodles and pasta by hand. The mid-goreng-style sticky noodles and butternut squash ravioli were our favorites, and not just because of the freshness of the noodles. The Asian dish had the perfect balance of spices and the texture of the noodles was perfect. The ravioli have a creamy sauce made from coconut milk, and you might think it’s a weird combination, but it works surprisingly well. It was light and went well with the squash filling. Before quietly ending our lunch, we feasted on a classic chocolate mousse. The dessert was creamy and airy, and topped with raspberry jelly, vanilla crumble, and chocolate ganache. A decadent end to a decadent lunch.
It’s not often that you visit a vegan restaurant that ticks all the boxes, but that’s exactly what
Vegan Vogue does it. The café offers a creative menu that will make you reconsider your idea of ​​vegetable cuisine.

Rs 1200 for two. in Indiranagar

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