Wendy’s Menu adds a bold new take on a classic item

Wendy’s (MAGNIFYING GLASS) slowly built its way to becoming the second largest burger chain behind McDonald’s (MCD) . The chain has passed Restaurant Brands International (RSQ) Burger King for second place in the United States by following a fairly simple formula.

Using fresh, never-frozen beef sounds like a gimmick, but it makes operations more difficult for Wendy’s compared to its two big rivals. Frozen burger patties hardly ever go to waste, while fresh ones should be used up fairly quickly.

Wendy’s has basically made fresh, quality food its call cars long before Chipotle even existed. In addition to this model, the channel also used smart menu innovation to gain market share. It’s a strategy that led to the massive success of the Baconator, which started as a burger variant that has now grown into a platform.

The chain offers Baconator fries and the Breakfast Baconator – two variations of the original using mostly the same ingredients. Wendy’s doesn’t make many changes to the menu and that does all it takes to make a big deal.

That’s why fans freaked out last summer when Wendy’s added the Strawberry Frosty for a limited time. Doing this meant getting rid of the Vanilla Frosty as the Frosty machine only holds two flavors at a time.

And while Wendy’s has added other Frosty flavors in international markets, it hasn’t in the United States. Now, the channel is teasing fans with a bold new Frosty that has so far only appeared on social media and at one pretty big event.

Wendy’s Trolls fans with a frosty purple

At TwitchCon 2022, an event for gaming video platform Amazon, Wendy’s showed up with a new Frosty flavor. It’s purple and topped with Nerds candy, which essentially makes it a product created for social media.

“Purple and covered in nerds, just like @Tic #TwitchCon2022“, shared the company on its Twitter page.

Fans, as you can imagine, clearly wanted to know what they were seeing, but Wendy’s was kind of deadpan in her responses.

“It’s very good,” the fast food company posted in response to a comment without detailing its taste.

The channel also told fans on Twitter who asked about the dessert that they could pick it up at its TwitchCon booth, but then posted something that suggests it may have a future as part of menu.

“I just tested it today, but you never know,” the company explained.

While Wendy’s wasted money (like McDonald’s) on creating a metaverse presence that no one ever asked for, the chain has done a pretty good job of creating a buzz on social media. McDonald’s may be the king of using social media to both grab viral attention and do some real market research with its “Bring Back ____” Tweet, but Wendy’s has created a playful and engaging Twitter feed.

With this no-name, who-knows-how-it tastes like Purple Frosty, Wendy’s has created kind of the perfect storm. It’s visually appealing, so people who accessed it at a TwitchCon shared photos, which created a buzz with the company’s stream lighting up with people asking questions and sharing opinions. .

Wendy’s never actually shares any information about the new Frosty and just lets fans take the conversation in all sorts of directions, with pithy (but not informative) comments. This could make Purple Frosty a hit before anyone tries it.

This could create a new model for limited-time fast food deals where chains trick people into wanting an item before they bring it to stores. This could lead to demand and anticipation until an actual release becomes a major event.

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