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SINGAPORE – Media outreach – August 3, 2022 – Forest fire burger is teaming up with private chef Annette Tan to launch, for a limited time only, Fatfuku Cheeseburger.

Available only in August, Fatfuku Cheeseburger will be launched in collaboration with private chef Annette Tan, who is not only an established chef but also an author who has written several books and articles on food in Singapore and the surrounding regions. Known as @fat_fuku on various social media platforms, along with Wildfire Burgers, Fatfuku Cheeseburger, which is made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients, will consist of a fully stacked brioche bun with a beef patty Wagyu, padi chilli beef cheek marmalade, cheese, coriander pesto, kaffir lime leaf and sambal belachan mayo between them. The highlight of the burger is the padi chilli beef cheek marmalade which consists of various ingredients, such as padi chilli, kicap manis, and dark soy sauce, among others. It is lightly seared before being left to braise for up to 8 hours, achieving its rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor profile.

Annette Tan, who has over twelve thousand social media followers, has worked in the food industry for many years. Specializing in Peranakan and Eurasian cuisine, she has showcased local produce through private dining experiences for the past 15 years. Not only that, but she has also contributed her recipes to various newspapers and magazines, as well as consulting on menus for bakeries and restaurants in Singapore. With National Day coming up, Wildfire Burgers’ intention to introduce local flavors led them to partner with Annette. The use of contrasting flavors and textures certainly pays homage to Annette’s specialty in Peranakan and Eurasian cuisine.

This isn’t the first time Wildfire Burgers has partnered with chefs outside of their kitchens. They previously teamed up with Butcher’s Block, a famous restaurant in Raffles Hotel, to create a collaborative burger called Garum Cheeseburger, made with some of the best Irish beef. Wildfire Burgers also launched seasonal burgers such as Uni Ebi Burger, Korean Army Stew Burger and Manjimup Black Truffle Eggstarter, all inspired by flavors from around the world. Through these partnerships and seasonal releases, Wildfire Burgers hopes to bring new flavors and unique experiences to its customers.

Wildfire Burgers is a multi-award winning hamburger which was launched in 2015. They later expanded to China, opening 38 outlets in five cities. After opening three successful outlets in Singapore, Wildfire Burgers went on a brief hiatus from 2019 to 2020, reinventing its menu. Today they are in two key locations, offering a fantastic range of burgers for lunch and dinner. They also provide burger delivery wherever you are in Singapore. The secret to their deliciously smoky burgers is the use of an INKA Binchotan charcoal grill, which allows their chef to create unparalleled smoky flavors up to 450 degrees Celsius.

You can sample Fatfuku Cheeseburger, which will only be available for the month of August in limited quantities every day, at both Wildfire Burgers outlets located at 1557 Keppel and Bencoolen Street for $19 either onsite at take out or delivery. For more information on Wildfire Burgers and their extensive selection of burgers, desserts and beverages, visit https://www.wildfireburgers.com/ or their social networks at WildfireBurgers.SG .

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