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I am a permanent resident of Indianapolis. When I returned from my seven years with the US Air Force during the Vietnam War, I settled in the Meridian Kessler area.

As our family grew, my wife and I chose to build our dream home along the White River and located on a small lake within the city limits of Indianapolis in a community named Oxbow Estates. We have lived there for almost 19 years.

Our small community is like a big family. We help each other when help is needed. We take care of each other’s homes when we are away. Plus, we have the pleasure of walking into Broad Ripple for dinner, a beer at a micro-brewery, dessert, and/or entertainment.

But now, a proposed “monster apartment” development at The Willows threatens the safety and security of everyone at Oxbow Estates.

Despite our neighborhood’s relatively low density, we already have the occasional horrendous afternoon traffic jam as the ridiculous intersection of Winthrop and Broad Ripple Avenue (and Monon Road) slows traffic beyond the entrance to the neighborhood. ‘oxbow. Adding 255 units with 400 rooms and 400 more cars will create huge additional traffic issues and possibly contribute to pedestrian and traffic fatalities.

Broad Ripple has enough apartment buildings. Thank you for preserving our neighborhood. I am also concerned about our security, as 400 new apartment residents will have full access to our yards, lake and neighborhood unless we build massive security walls and fences. Broad Ripple does not need more density.

I ask the builders of this proposed “monster” to please find another place where the apartments are actually needed.

–Walter L. Brant

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