Winter special: 5 traditional Indian sweets to savor this season (recipes inside)


Unlike summer, winter is more devoted to rich and sumptuous foods. While we seek fresh, soothing, and comforting foods during the summer season, winter demands that everything be warm, heavy, and delicious. If you ever explore the foods available during the season, you will find that each of the recipes is made with ingredients that can help you stay warm and beat the cold outside. Some of the more popular winter ingredients are gud, ghee, til et al. And we love the versatility of each of these delicacies, especially when it comes to sweet dishes. Winter brings a range of traditional Indian mithais that may make you want more. Plus, these candies help keep you warm too! We bring a list of some classic dishes that are pulling the chords. Looked.

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Here are 5 traditional Indian sweets for you:

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

The mere thought of special winter sweets instantly reminds us of gajar ka halwa. Fresh and crunchy gajar, grated and cooked in ghee, milk and sugar – this dish is loved by everyone. In view of this, we are offering you a classic recipe which can help you prepare traditional gajar ka halwa at home. Click here.

And for those who avoid sugar in their diet, here’s a sugar-free recipe as well. Click here for a sugar free gajar ka halwa recipe.

These laddoos are delicious.

2. Gondh Ke Laddoo

Call it a mithai or an immunity booster, gondh ke laddoo works well for both. It is made from gondh (edible gum), dried fruits, til, etc. which are not only loaded with nutrients but can also keep you warm during winters. Click here for the recipe.

3. Til Ke Laddoo

Til ke laddoo makes another popular laddoo option during winters. Made with white til (sesame seeds), this dish not only keeps you warm, but also helps you replenish your nutrients. It also includes jaggery, khoya, saffron and others, which makes the dish tastier than ever. Click here for the recipe.


The panjiri is a classic of Punjabi households.

4. Panjiri

A common sweet dish in almost every Punjabi household, panjiri is made by roasting atta in ghee. To this you can add sugar, nuts, seeds et al. And it is commonly believed that panjiri not only satiates your sweet tooth, but also helps generate body heat to prevent colds and flu. Click here for the recipe.

5. Chikki

This delicious peanut crunch instantly reminds us of childhood; is not it ? Made with peanuts, jaggery and more, it’s a perfect snack to binge on during winters. Click here for the recipe.

Already sipping? So what are you waiting for? Prepare these desi mithais today and make the most of the winters.

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