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Few things compare to the deliciously sweet taste of a perfectly ripe pear.

But what happens when they have passed this stage of maturity? You know – when they start to brown and become mushy and unattractive.

Don’t throw away those soft pieces of fruit! Here are 11 perfect recipes if you’re wondering what to do with overripe pears.

1. Freeze for smoothies

Do you love making smoothies? Yes? OK, good, because overripe fruit is great for freezing and using in smoothies. Cut off any parts of the pear that have gone bad, cut off the rest, put it in a resealable bag and put it in the freezer.

2. Pear jam

If your pears are slightly overripe, you can cook them in pear jam. You need lots of pears for this recipe — about three pounds — but the only other two ingredients are lemon juice and sugar.

Store the finished product in mason jars and spread it on toast, add it to desserts or yogurt, or even cook it with meat. There are so many ways to use jam it’s not even funny.

3. Pear crumble

Pear crumble is not only delicious, it is also easy to prepare. Besides the pears, the rest of the ingredients are staples that you probably already have in your pantry or fridge. For this recipe, the more mushy the pears, the better.

4. Crush into a pancake filling

Kitchn.com suggests crushing your golden pears and using them as a pancake filling or incorporating them into your batter. Fruit is always a delicious addition to breakfast foods.

You can also use pear puree on ice cream. Ice cream sundaes, anyone?

5. Mix them in a vinaigrette

Toss them with olive oil, vinegar, and seasonings for a slightly sweet dressing. Maybe try this delicious pear vinaigrette. Tip: Sweet goes well with savory toppings.

6. Bake in fruit leather

It’s pretty much a homemade fruit roll.

Slowly cook your fruit in pear and cinnamon leather. Although it takes some time in the oven (two to four hours), it is worth it.

7. Pear Pops

Who doesn’t love popsicles? There is no cooking required for this recipe – these Spicy Pear and Ginger Popsicles only require a mixer and popsicle molds. You can also get creative and add whatever fruits or flavors you want.

Do you like fruit and wine? Make adult popsicles with Riesling and overripe pears. These alcoholic popsicles look amazing for a party or even just an afternoon treat.

8. Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter

This vanilla-spiced pear butter goes perfectly with toast, muffins, oatmeal and ice cream. This recipe uses seven pounds of pears and makes four quarts of butter, but you can cut the recipe in half or four.

If you’re feeling ambitious and decide to make the whole recipe, you can freeze the rest and have pear butter all year round.

9. Pear and Bread Muffins

If you love to bake, use your overripe pears to make Cinnamon Pear Muffins – this one is fun to make with the kids.

Just as mushy brown bananas make delicious banana bread, mushy pears are perfect for pear bread.

10. Pear Bourbon Cocktail

I’m not the baking type, so I’m not sure I can conquer the pear muffins and the bread, but this cocktail? It looks too delicious not to try it.

Using the ancient pear, mash and strain your way to this smash bourbon pear cocktail.

11. Pear sauce

Instead of applesauce, try homemade pear sauce. Besides the pears, all you need is sugar, water, lemon juice, and (optional) cinnamon. You can make a large batch and freeze them to make healthy and easy snacks.

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