WOOD is offering 50% off its tasting menu EVERY Wednesday in April

Simon Wood’s flagship just off First Street captures classic flavors and playful authenticity.

WOOD is a restaurant that combines deliciously authentic seasonal flavors with a genuine passion for good food and good food.

Directed by Simon Woodthe menu showcases the character of the chef who won Masterchef in 2015.

For April, the restaurant has a very special offer for anyone dining on a Wednesday. You can enjoy 50% off their dinner tasting menu, a spectacular show journey through exceptional British produce and a flair for creativity that sees Simon pay homage to his Manchester roots.

“Beef is bones and whey sour onions” recalls the childhood of Simon growing up in Oldham, eating bread and dripping.

Developed over several months, the dish consists of several elements, including a “rich cut of British Beef… with a texture like buttersitting on a deep-fried bone marrow bun, topped with salted bone marrow, beef heart and tongue and served in a runny bone marrow dish seasoned with beef gravy and chive oil.

The dish also includes Simon’s version of the traditional Rag Pudding, an Oldham delicacy that consists of minced meat and onions wrapped in suet batter.

Other dishes on the tasting menu include ‘Owd Yonner and Onions‘, ‘Chicken Egg with Truffle Chips and Ham‘, ‘The best piece of chicken‘ and ‘Exton Rose Milk Strawberry, Marigold and Cereal‘.

Simon, describing his Tasting Menu explains:

“The best suppliers in the country provide seasonal, high quality and exceptional forage products. Who will be treated with the utmost respect.

“Salt, milk, butter, vinegars, wines, oils, herbs and spices must be of the highest quality throughout the restaurant.”

“Incredible products treated correctly, because in the end, any dish is only good if the products you use.”

WOOD also offers Seasonal (£60) and Classic (£90) Wine thefts which can be added the same day to accompany the Tasting Menu.


50% off the tasting menu at WOOD


Date: every Wednesday in April
Time: 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Cost: £52.50 per person (usually £105)

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