World Chocolate Day 2022: 7 dessert recipes to celebrate chocolate in all its forms

We just can’t keep calm as it’s World Chocolate Day today (July 07, 2022). While enjoying unique chocolate delights is a no-brainer on special occasions, it’s always a good day to indulge in chocolates. Most melt-in-your-mouth chocolate recipes are a big hit with foodies. While some find the bitter taste of dark chocolate addictive, many like it sweet all the way. To celebrate this exquisite ingredient, July 7 marks World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day. Chocolate Day has been observed since 2009. The date was chosen because it was July 7, 1550, when chocolate was first introduced to Europe. The annual World Chocolate Celebration calls for indulging in delicious chocolate treats.

Are you also a chocolate lover? So on this World Chocolate Day, prepare velvety, creamy and smooth chocolate recipes that make your mouth water. Discover the delicious recipes.

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Here are 7 delicious chocolate dessert recipes for you:

1. Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache:

This recipe is a delight for those who love chocolate and peanut butter. The dish includes the tangy flavor of a blackcurrant sorbet, the thickness of a peanut butter ganache, a chocolate crumble, a chocolate sponge cake and a few drops of meringue to top it all off. If you are good at working with chocolate, you can even add a chocolate tulle.

2. Chocolate Marquise:

This rich dark chocolate marquise may look like a task, but if you follow the recipe, you’ll be able to pull off this nice and luxurious dish.

3. Chocolate cake in a mug:

Want a chocolate cake but need a simple recipe? Instead of baking a full-fledged cake, why not just bake a chocolate cake using only your microwave. Garnish the cup of delicious chocolate cake with a thick chocolate sauce or syrup.

4. Alphonso Mango Chocolate Delicia Tart:

While mango season is still underway, why not pair it with chocolate to whip up a rich and delicious dessert. Follow this recipe and enjoy this perfect summer treat.

5. Fudge Chocolate Brownies:

Is this list incomplete without a mention of chocolate brownies? Use both cocoa and melted chocolate, and butter. Add a generous amount of chocolate pieces. Follow this recipe to bake the fluffiest and most delicious batch of brownies.

6. Artisanal chocolates:

If you don’t want to get into complex recipes, handmade chocolate is your best bet. Melt the chocolate and butter, add a little cream and your tempered chocolate is ready. Make round balls and freeze them. Top it off with your favorite berries.

7. Melted Chocolate Lava Cake:

Slice a miniature cake to see rich, silky chocolate lava flowing outside. Heaven, right?

Celebrate World Chocolate Day 2022 with these delicious recipes.

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