You are not ready for Christmas Pizza Off Menu x Yard Sale

If you know the Off Menu podcast by James Acaster and Ed Gamble, you’ll know they absolutely love the Yard Sale Pizza Cheese Pot Garlic Bread. Lucky for them, Yard Sale will make the pizza in all its 18-inch glory with £ 1 of every pizza sold donated to Tariff sharing. Not only that, Yard Sale was foolish enough to let these two loose in their kitchen. Throw in dough, control 500 degree flames and get marinara sauce all over the gaff.

As you can probably imagine, this won’t be your average collab pizza. In the spirit of Off Menu’s “dream restaurant” concept where customers are invited to choose their favorite starter, side dish, main course, dessert and drink, the duo will create the pizza of their dreams. There will be a serious dose of Christmas spirit in this pizza as it’s generously topped with pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts, crispy sage, and cranberry and chili jam, if that doesn’t make you pass out. on the couch in front of the Royle family, we don’t know what will.

Pizza will be available from December 1 to January 4 at all Yard Sale Pizza locations.

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