3 of Giada De Laurentiis’s Best Food Network Biscotti Recipes That Will Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth


Try one of Italian-American chef Giada De Laurentiis’ best biscotti recipes for your next coffee break. The culinary personality has a crispy, just-sweet enough biscotti for every sweet tooth.

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Chocolate-Hazelnut Biscotti combines the best of both worlds

The chocolate and hazelnut spread is definitely the star of this biscuit from De Laurentiis. It is combined with butter, sugar and brown sugar. After that, it is creamed with an electric mixer where an egg and vanilla extract are added. Flour, baking soda and baking powder are mixed with a spatula. Finally, chopped hazelnuts are added and it is ready for its double baking in a preheated 375 degree F oven.

Reviewers on the Food Network site raved about De Laurentiis Nutella-themed cookie.

“Exceptional cookies. Bake beautifully and so easy to make in a snap. I omitted the nuts, simply because my kids don’t like them, but added a handful of mini chocolate chips instead. Love them. He’s a keeper. Grazie, Giada!” wrote a home cook.

Proving that there’s not much to hate in a combination of chocolate and hazelnut, another fan said, “I absolutely LOVE Nutella, and having it in a cookie is even better. ! Instead of hazelnuts, I added white chocolate chips for the ultimate double chocolate cookie. I will definitely make them again! Thank you Giada!”

Find this full recipe, video and reviews on the Food Network site.

Chocolate and anise biscotti from De Laurentiis are adult chocolate chip cookies

Semi-sweet chocolate chips and ground anise seeds give this biscotti recipe Everyday Italian star its distinct flavor profile. With the addition of the usual suspects in a biscotti recipe – flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, butter and eggs – this cookie isn’t too sweet and yet sweet enough.

“I love sweets and cookies, but I’ve been trying to cut back lately. These cookies really satisfied my sweet tooth without being too rich or sweet,” wrote one home cook who tried the chef’s recipe.

Another satisfied cookie customer added, “I recommend not skipping the ground anise. The flavor was subtle and went well with the chocolate. It’s an elegant biscotti!

Get the full recipe, video and reviews on the Food Network site.

The chief’s holiday cookies are as festive as they are delicious

De Laurentiis wrote of Giadzy of his Holiday Biscotti: “Love the color of these biscotti. You can actually make them all year round with sprinkles of different colors and dried fruit. The secret is the lemon zest which lightens the flavor of the biscotti and makes them truly unique.

For the holiday season, the chef calls for red and green sugar crystals, dried cranberries, white chocolate and chopped pistachios.

Food Network fans loved the versatility of the recipe.

“I’ve made this recipe about 5 times since last Christmas and it has never disappointed me. I change the nuts or dried fruit and it’s always great. Thank you, Giada!” wrote one reviewer.

“This has become a standard cookie for my Christmas cookie collection. Everyone loves them!” added another fan.

Don’t wait for the holidays! Find the recipe, video and reviews for De Laurentiis Holiday Biscotti on the Food Network site now.

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