Charcuterie Board Ideas If You Want To Host A TikTok Board Party


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If you’ve been absolutely anywhere on TikTok in the past few months, we’re sure you’d have seen all the videos of people hosting “advice nights” littered across your “For You” page. Currently, the #boardnight has over 92 million views and the #boardnightchallenge over 4.6 million.

If you haven’t seen this iconic trend in action, this is essentially where you gather a group of friends – dinner party style – and everyone brings a platter of different themed dishes to share.

It’s basically the glorified modern version of bringing a plate of food to share at your grade school graduation party. But nonetheless, it’s a great way to spice up a get-together with friends or a Sunday family reunion.


I’ve never eaten so much #boardnight #charcuterieboard

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This trend comes from the back of other dinner party trends. A great example is the viral “dip party” – where everyone brings a different dip ranging from sweet to savory.

So what should I bring to a “tip night”?

If you just type “board night” into your TikTok search bar, you’ll find an abundance of different options if you want to host one, but to save you the effort, we’ve condensed some great charcuterie-board ideas.

A few are pretty obvious, and some not so much – at the end of the day, however, it all really does happen! You can also theme it more exclusively for different events. For example, pink-only items for a pink-themed party, fun treats for a girls’ night out, or something sweeter for a baby shower. The world is your shell.

  • Charcuterie board
  • fruit platter
  • Sushi platter
  • McDonald’s platter (nuggets, fries and cheeseburger cuts)
  • cookie tray
  • Dessert tray (you can separate it into a chocolate board/lollipop board etc.)
  • Plate of chicken wings
  • Chip + dipping board
  • Mexican themed platter
  • Greek-inspired board (make your own gyros, etc.)
  • Bruschetta board
  • Cinema snack tray

Advice Night Essentials

Take the party everywhere with you

Picture: eBay

First of all, to make your board nights a success, you have to start with a good board. Go figure.

This cheese board and knife set is our top recommendation when it comes to investing in a good one. That’s because it comes with a large amount of plank space, a built-in drawer of all the essential knives and cutlery, plus little labels for all the food (this is especially handy if plank night is coming up). takes place in a park or somewhere where you don’t have access to the kitchen draw). There’s even an extra little tray and condiment squares to make your life easier.

You can purchase the Cheese Board with Knife Set ($69.95 with code ‘HOMSNS’) here.

charcuterie platter, cheese platter ideas, cheese platter
Picture: eBay

This one doesn’t come with all the added extras but still does the job all the same. So if you’re looking for a good no-frills option, this board will be a great base for all your charcuterie board ideas and creations.

You can purchase the Bamboo Charcuterie Board ($37.20) here.

If you want to take it up a notch

How to host a TikTok-worthy advice party
Picture: eBay

You know how we came up with the whole idea of ​​the theme board? Well, if you want to be more cheeky for a girls night out or a friend’s birthday, this cheese platter set will take your BYO plate to the next level. And hey, that’s one way to break the ice with someone you don’t know.

You can purchase the Novelty Penis Aperitif Wooden Board ($15.99 with code ‘PAUG10’) here.

charcuterie platter, cheese platter ideas, cheese platter
Image: Amazon

On the other hand, you can also play PG and go for a healthy twist with this cute heart-shaped fries and dip platter.

You can purchase the heart-shaped bowl set ($19.96) here.

Never skimp on the dessert offerings

How to host a TikTok-worthy advice party
Picture: House

While you may be assigned something basic, like a dessert or charcuterie platter, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it an extra boost with your presentation. The best way to do this is through no less than three-tier service support. A cute little single-tier cake stand also goes a long way – and you might already have one at home!

You can purchase the Ambrosia Zest Three Tier Service Support ($149.99) here.

Offer your guests the luxury of easily accessible condiments

charcuterie platter, cheese platter ideas, cheese platter
Picture: eBay

Now that’s not essential, but if you’re making a country-inspired plank like a Mexican plank or a Thai plank, you might need to add a bunch of toppings, like salsa or peanut sauce. . These little ramekins will keep everything separate and mess-free, so you don’t have to worry about tortilla chips drowning in the salsa.

You can purchase this condiment tray ($55.83) here.

How to host a TikTok-worthy advice party
Image: Amazon

Alternatively, it might be the coolest thing ever, but if you want to bring the sauce to people, you can also invest in these little dipping tongs that clip onto your guests’ plates, so that they can dip and dip while they go — because what could be more annoying than enjoying your plate of food and having to get up to refill the sauce every five minutes?!

You can purchase the Dip Clip ($45.16) here.

Go the extra mile

charcuterie platter, cheese platter ideas, cheese platter
Picture: eBay

Many people have dietary needs and intolerances these days, so putting cheeky little labels on the boards helps your guests know what’s in each of your charcuterie board ideas. This way you can make sure your vegan/vegetarian friends know what it is safe to eat. You can even keep it strictly allergy-based, like “peanut-free” to make things less of a hassle (especially if we’re talking kids’ parties).

You can purchase the Fun Slate Markers ($23.20) here.

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