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MUKWONAGO — A restaurant serving specialty pizza, roast chicken and appetizers in South Dakota, Nebraska and North Dakota could come to Mukwonago this summer.

Kris and Alicia Ganske hope to replace the now empty Mukwonago Family Restaurant at 1015 East Veterans Way with Boss’ Pizza and Chicken Restaurant.

Kris Ganske and his wife Alicia own two businesses in the Mukwonago area, Anytime Fitness tanning salon and Bright Reflections, and have lived in the area for four years. He said the former family restaurant Mukwonago, which had a fire in 2020, was staring him in the face. After researching Boss’s Pizza and Chicken, he had a revelation.

“Since I’ve been here, the biggest need I’ve heard of in this town is a great pizza place and a great atmosphere,” Ganske said.

After reaching Boss, he felt there was an opportunity to bring the franchise to Wisconsin.

The Ganske family plans to bring fire pits outside and have live music for a great outdoor dining experience. There is a lower level of the building, which the couple will use for weddings and other events.

Because the building was already a restaurant, Ganske doesn’t think the approval process will take long.

They plan for the restaurant to be a meeting place for the school’s athletes. The table tops will be decorated with old newspaper clippings under glass. Local sports jerseys will also be hung around the restaurant.

Tie to Jackson Sparks, Waukesha Blazers

The restaurant will have a connection to Jackson Sparks, a Mukwonago resident and athlete who was killed following the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. Sparks’ 12-year-old brother Tucker was also hospitalized but survived.

Jackson and Tucker loved baseball and were passionate about it. They played in their backyard, they played baseball video games, they cheered on their home team, and they also played competitive baseball with the Waukesha Blazers.

The Ganske family know the Sparks from their tanning business.

“We’re planning on having something on the menu dedicated to Jackson,” Ganske said.

Variety of pizzas

The couple are very happy to bring Boss’ to Wisconsin.

“These guys grow up where they are. They really want to hit the Midwest,” Kris Ganske said.

The restaurant will offer a large amount of different pizza creations, over 30, such as the founding father which is marinara, beef, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, ranch and crushed red peppers. Pulled Pig has barbecue sauce, pulled pork, pepper jack cheese. Super Boss Pizza offers Super Boss sauce, jalapenos, hot sausage, pepper jack, pepperoni, ranch dressing and more. There is a cauliflower crust for more health conscious customers.

Chicken can be ordered as dinner or family dinner.

“One of the secrets to what makes Boss’ chicken so mouth-watering is that it’s grilled, not fried or baked. Roasted chicken is the reason we can compete with the biggest restaurant chains in the country and win prizes for best local chicken,” the franchise’s website said.

There are also sandwiches, pastas, starters, salads and desserts.

For more information, visit www.bosspizzaandchicken.com.

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