Trader Joe’s gift basket ideas, because who doesn’t love TJs?


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We’re going to take some risks here and just say everyone loves Trader Joe’s. You know we are right. And that’s why preparing a gift consisting of Trader Joe’s items should be high on anyone’s wish list. Enter: Trader Joe’s gift baskets. Creating gift baskets is always fun because they are a bit DIY, but they don’t require a lot of effort. They are great for us, lazy or exhausted, who always want to look like we’ve tried something fancy.

Because Trader Joe’s has a bit of everything, it’s a great place to grab whatever you need for a gift basket. Plus, you can make them with different themes – like vacation or essentials – or just make a hodgepodge of whatever you want. Trust us when we say you can’t go wrong here. So whether you’re shopping at your local TJs or shopping for your Trader Joe’s picks on Amazon, here are some Trader Joe’s gift basket ideas.

Does Trader Joe’s offer gift baskets?

For the most part, Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell pre-made gift baskets, but we’ll never say never. You might stumble upon a gift basket at your local store, especially during the holidays. You already know that Trader Joe’s stores can vary based on location and product availability, so while we don’t guarantee that you will find a gift basket at TJs, neither will we say they don’t. ‘do not exist.

But what TJs have in abundance are stuff to put in any gift basket or gift container you can get your hands on. Your options are endless if you want to create your own.

What are the correct items in the Trader Joe’s gift basket?

Let’s face it: there is no wrong answer here. You can make a Trader Joe’s gift basket from anything in this store – even the TP, because why not? The problem with Trader Joe’s is that Trader Joe’s fans love everything about Trader Joe’s. So when you prepare a basket, you are either the TJs fan yourself or you are preparing a gift for another TJs fan. All that to say put what you want in the damn basket.

If you need ideas, the candy section is a great place to start. Other popular items that most people would be happy to have in a gift basket?

  • Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle
  • Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter
  • Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread
  • Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter (Speculoos is life!)
  • Everything except the bagel seasoning
  • Trader Joe’s Skin Care

Joe’s Trader DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Basket of sweet treats

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Compose a basket of delicious treats with items from Trader Joe’s, as with this assortment. Add Trader Joe’s Matcha, Trader Joe’s Hot Chocolate, Trader Joe’s Trail Mix, Trader Joe’s Dried Mango, and all the chocolate treats that sit in the freezer aisle. You can find something seasonal to suit the time of year, but there are always plenty of basic treats for yummy ones all year round.

Housewarming basket

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If someone in your life has just moved into a new home, it’s time to pamper them with TJ’s gifts! You must start with Trader Joe’s wine that your friend can open to celebrate the new digs. Then add in useful items like Trader Joe’s candles, Trader Joe’s spices, Trader Joe’s tea, kitchen and bathroom soap, and maybe even a small plant. Of course, you can fill it with a few goodies and top it off with a sweet card with your congratulations.

Everything except the kitchen sink basket

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You can’t go wrong when gifting someone with a basket full of TJ kitchen basics. Regardless of their level of cooking skill, just about anyone can use the basics. Fill a basket with things like Trader Joe’s Olive Oil, Trader Joe’s Pesto, Trader Joe’s Granola, Trader Joe’s Honey, Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee, Trader Joe’s Maple Syrup , and of course a cookbook from Trader Joe’s so they have a place to start. You can also add one of your own favorite Trader Joe cookery items to share your ideas with them for creating some of these delicious Trader Joe recipes.

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